Get loud with us!

Get loud with us!

Story is how we build empathy. You cannot deny one's humanity when you know their story.

We are so grateful to everyone a part of our "Women Get Loud" show for International Women's Day, March 8th 2019 and here's a list.....

Patti Cumby, Amanda DeMaio and John Gaw for graciously opeing StagesTheatre to us for two years in a row. Something they don't have to do, but they believe in our mission.

Three incredible female visual artists who created a popup show right in the lobby (visit their websites and buy stuff!)
Melinda Hagman:
Priscilla Moreno:
Heidi Moreno:

Our friends who were so, so cool to volunteer to help us out and make sure stuff ran smoothly: Taylor Wright, Nallely Morales, Wendy Karn, Kelly Chidester.

Sarah, our queen of the volunteers and her shirt-making skills! Plus her encouragement and positivity.
Barney for all his expertise, help and general badassness.
Our Production Manager Chris Henrriquez who kept us on track, worked on the fly and (thankful) was calm, cool and collected when we were most definitely not.

Our fearless performers who shared so much vunerablity on what they were "no longer going to be silent about":
Emily Schupp
Shari Walker
Heather Enriquez
Melisa Cole
Jason Cook
Jay Kay
Jo Monteleone
Julie Smith
Isabella Stoloff
Terri Mowery
Julie Ackerman

And lastly, the audience who bore witness to the women, men and gender non-binary performers whose stories we were honored to present.
Hope you laughed, cried, questioned, felt comforted or seen, and were ultimately reminded that we're stronger together.

much love and gratitude,
Amber, Katie, Andrea


What are you no longer willing to be quiet about?

Join us and be a part of the 2nd annual, multi-genre collaboration produced by Project La Femme in celebration of sisterhood and art! This show amplifies voices of our community through dance, spoken word, drama, music and poetry celebrating all women asking

“What are you no longer going to be quiet about?”
(see below for list of performances)

Come be a part of this inspiring evening and get loud with us. Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights!

Where: STAGESTheater | 400 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

When: International Women's Day: March 8th, 2019 8pm

Click here to download press release.



What Google Couldn’t Do? an original monologue by Shari Walker

The Ugly Files “A Girl Walks into a Bar” by Heather Enriquez - a dramatic scene featuring: Terri Mowery, Emily Schupp, Melisa Cole, Julie Smith and Jason Cook.

Being Muslim During a Time of Hate, a dialogue with politician, performer and activist Mirvette Judeh

It’s Fine I’ll Just Go Fuck Myself a personal essay/poetry written by Emily Schupp

I’m Sorry, I Can’t, Don’t Hate Me an original personal monologue by Andrea Marie Freeman

Fear and Loathing in Glass Closets performed by Jay Kay, accompanied by Jo Monteleone

Labels by Amber Scott

Real Talk with Julie Ackerman by Julie Ackerman

….and some more surprises!

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