Three inspiring days of brand new plays! 

Project La Femme is thrilled to co-produce Page to Stage: That’s What She Said , a Playwrights Festival featuring unpublished plays that celebrate the female voice.

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The purpose of the Page to Stage Playwright’s Festival is to nurture new plays by dynamic, local women writers in Southern California.

Project La Femme is eager to collaborate with the Curtis Theater because we are committed to creating art that challenges dialogue, while at the same time promoting and amplifying artists who produce visual, performing, and socially engaging art projects. Our mission is to create and explore images and definitions of women through diversity, inclusiveness and honesty.

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 Curtis Theater and Project La Femme are providing a professional showcase opportunity for writers seeking to explore and focus on the female voice. Page to Stage is a unique chance to have new work presented as a staged reading by a director, dramaturge, and actors on the Curtis Theatre stage, giving the new work exposure to local industry professionals, the community, and an audience.


Friday 8/30/19

Butterfly in the Ashes

By S.M. Fontes

Directed by Heather Enriquez

An unflinching and darkly comedic look at the lives of four Mexican-American women.  Woman and her Friend bicker and stick together as she goes through a pregnancy, deals with her ward, Mariposa, who lives completely in a childish fantasy world of her own, and avoids her intrusive overbearing aunt, Tia. It’s a peek into the mundane happenings that bind people together and how the ghosts of the past come to live in future generations. 

Saturday 8/31/19

Double Bill with Intermission

Deanna and Paul 

By Dagney Kerr 

Directed by Angela Cruz Martinez

A quirky non-linear romance between an unconventional waitress and an uptight customer who just wants to have a cup of coffee and read his newspaper. These seemingly opposite personalities learn to dance together and try to make a go of it.

The Paper Hangers

By Emily Brauer Rogers 

Directed by Katie Chidester

A modern surreal take on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, a mother struggling with postpartum depression takes refuge in The Countryside tended by her husband and her mother.  Instead of conforming to her family’s and society’s ideals of motherhood, she is enticed further into her own self by the characters that she encounters.

Saturday 8/31/19


By Kate Danley

Directed by Rose London

A quick-witted farce in the style of Commedia, two secretaries who hate their jobs navigate office politics and compete for a step up the corporate ladder.  When their boss accidentally chokes on an oatmeal cookie in the office right before departing on a trip to Peru, their attempt to hide the truth results in a true comedy of errors.

Sunday 9/1/19


By Diana Burbano

Directed by Elvia Susana Rubalcava and Rosa Navarrete

A disfigured British WWI soldier takes refuge in a small South American village to escape from his past and from society.  There he encounters Aurora, an ex-silent film star and sculptor, living a bohemian life away from Los Angeles as she waits for her divorce to be finalized, and her teenage daughter, Daisy.  As he reluctantly allows the women into his life, an uncomfortable love triangle forms forcing him to seek another refuge.