Auditions for Page to Stage New Works Festival Coming Soon!

ACTORS! Want to work with us? Come be a part of 5 new & exciting local Playwrights when we have auditions for the Page to Stage Festival at the @curtis_theatre! Check our website for info about audition sides or the Facebook event Curtis Theatre created. Character breakdown coming soon. 🎭

Calling all actors! Auditions for the Page to Stage Playwrighting Festival at the Curtis Theatre are only a month away!!

Project La Femme is co-producing this festival of staged readings of new works by women writers with the Curtis Theatre and we couldn’t be more excited. We received over 400 submissions, and we have been working all spring to read them and narrow it down to just five. Directors have been invited and now we just need you! Please join us on August 5th or 6th to audition to be a part of this unique festival. Below are the 5 pieces that we will be presenting with a brief synopsis, and you can find a character breakdown here. Can’t wait to see everyone at auditions!

Butterfly in the Ashes by Synida (Syn) Fontes

Director Heather Enriquez

Butterfly in the Ashes is the study of four Mexican-American women living somewhere between "I Don't Give A Flying Fuck" and "Trying Desperately To Fly--the Hell Outta Here". Not a portrait, but surveillance footage of their interdependent relationships through mental illness, imposed guardianship, twisted fairytales, the "light side" of abortion and alcoholism, and why the he'll those Girl Scouts never come up with any new cookie flavors that someone would actually like.

The Paper Hangers by Emily Brauer Rogers

Director Katie Chidester

Based on Charlotte Perkins Giman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, The Paper Hangers takes a modern look at Me’s struggle to deal with postpartum depression when society, particularly her mother and husband, expect a new mother to embrace motherhood and domesticity. 

Deanna and Paul by Dagney Kerr

Director Angela Cruz Martinez

Deanna's a quirky waitress with a strict no tipping policy. Paul's a surly customer with a tight lid on his heart. Their lonely worlds collide one day in a small-town diner, where one cup of coffee can change everything. 

Beauracrazy by Kate Danley

Director Rose London

Grace and Amy are just two regular girls working as secretaries in a soul-sucking office. But when their boss chokes on an oatmeal raisin cookie, it starts a domino effect of death and disaster in this female-driven comedy about office politics and classism. 

Gargoyles by Diana Burbano

Director Elvia Susana Rubalcava

Aurora, a sculptor and ex silent film star, moves her teenaged daughter Daisy to a small village in Mexico, far from temptation and men. Their dull existence is upended when a “monster” moves into their secluded village. The monster turns out to be an English soldier with a disfigured face. Daisy is fascinated and takes him on as a project. Aurora in her desire to protect Daisy from all hurt, takes on the Soldier herself. She soon discovers that, both monsters, they have much in common. Aurora has to choose between her self loathing and fear, and the promise of an unconventional love with a man who has suffered as much as she has.